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esterAfter years of successfully teaching high school, I realized I wanted to be more creative and use my artistic abilities in a more hands on manner. I started to create beautiful, creative and tasty cakes, magnificent fruits and vegetable platters and center pieces. Customers have been satisfied for years due to the delectable and unique style of creativity!

  • Using my expertise,  I achieved numerous goals in the cake decorating industry. I became a certified Wilton instructor, winning awards and making the Wilton Hall of Fame for “Best Instructor”.
  • During the course of my career span, I demonstrated all types of culinary arts,  including; decorating cakes and cookies, garnishing fruits and vegetables, molding chocolates for cakes and cookies and making elaborate transformations of the simplest fruits and vegetables into an elegant platter or centerpiece for all occasions, Birthday parties, Bake sales, Auctions, Anniversaries, Luncheons etc…


Esther Zafrani is one of the most talented in the art business for decorating cakes, cookies and carving fruits and vegetables.

  • She’s professional and enthusiastic when teaching a class.
  • She enjoys giving over her talent and knowledge. People from all over come to take her classes. The students never have enough and call up to learn more and more. She’s always full of ideas and gives students ultimate attention.
  • Her classes are uplifting and therapeutic. Besides her professional abilities her classes are fun and creative.
    • She also breaks down the most complicated thing into a simple work of art.
  • It’s incredible that students start with no knowledge end up bringing out their creative abilities and amaze themselves, their friends and family.
  • She’s also a private professional chef. You get sumptuous meals and quality service that you deserve.

2013-03-03See Esther Zafrani at :

The Kosher Scene Radio talk show interview

Presentation for carving a flower out of watermelon,papaya and a bird

Presentation @ ladies night out with Miss Caribbean USA 2012

I was the pastry chef and did the carving for the 60th Birthday of Alex Rovt .(who’s on the forbs list)
I also set the Viennese table for his Birthday.


 An article written by Elegant impression magazine about  Esther  Zafrani’s Presentation @ Yeshivat Mekor Chaim




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