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 culinary classes Brooklyn

culinary classes Brooklyn

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Fruits & vegetables carving

There are 3 level courses for carving fruits and vegetables. We will run a class with 3 students  up to 5 students per  a group class in order for you to learn well and get the most of it.

Beginners fruit/ vegetable carving: We learn to carve different  animals, flowers and designs. We also learn to  create a beautiful fruit and vegetable platter with all the designs we learned in class.

Intermediate and advanced class we learn to carve on watermelons,  cantaloupes, honeydews, daycon and more.

Group Beginners carving  class: $150.00 plus $95 .00  for tools and pamphlet with instructions and pictures  for carving that you get to keep. 2 sessions 2 1/2   hours each time .

Intermediate:$150.00  plus  $60for   tools and pamphlet,with instructions and pictures  for carving that you get to keep. 2 sessions  2 1/2  hours each.

Advanced:$150.00 plus $20.00 for pamphlet  for 2  sessions 2 1/2  hours each ,with instructions and pictures  for carving that you get to keep .

Privateone on one the Beginners course will be two sessions 2 1/2 hours each for  $295.00, including tools and pamphlet.

The intermediate one on one course will be two sessions 2 1/2 hours each for  $265.00, including tools and pamphlet.

The advanced one on one  course will be two sessions 2 hours each for  $250.00, including tools and pamphlet.

Cake decorating  classes:

We learn to layer and ice the cake. Make borders ,flowers and more .

Advanced 3d cake decorating  classes are three times 3 hours each lesson . We learn how to make Louis Vuitton bags with logo. a baby shoe ( pattern provided) a high heel shoe ( patter provided) Chanel bag  with logo.

Chocolates creations classes :

We learn to make truffles with different  fillings, color mold , make beautiful bows, Chocolate dessert  cups from chocolate  with assorted  fillings and working with chocolate transfer sheets .This group class is a 3 hour class.

Petit fours classes :

we learn how to make  different petit four,  with delicious fillings and decorations, It’s a 4 hours  class .

Cake pops course :

we learn to create different cake pops for themes.

 Decorating cookies :

We learn to decorate royal icing cookies and fondant .

Other classes are available upon request.

 All classes are available for private and groups.

Any private class is $50.00 per hour, Minimum two hours a class .

Minimum 5 students per a group.

The teacher is  professional and enthusiastic when teaching a class.
She enjoys giving over her talent and knowledge. People from all over come to take her classes. The students never have enough and call up to learn more and more. She’s always full of ideas and gives students ultimate attention.
Her classes are uplifting and therapeutic. Besides her professional abilities her classes are fun and creative.
She also breaks down the most complicated thing into a simple work of art.
It’s  incredible that students start with no knowledge end up bringing out their creative abilities and amaze themselves, their friends and family.
She’s also a private professional chef. You get sumptuous meals and quality service that you deserve.

The product made by the students  in the culinary classes  in Brooklyn

Esther Zafrani –

Carving bird out of apple and kiwi


  Ebook from Glorious Creations by Esther Zafrani (pdf file).

Course one: You  learn how to carve flowers and animals out of fruits and vegetables ,how to make fruit and vegetable platters and more.

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  Course two : You learn how to carve flowers out of watermelon ,peacock and more.

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  Course three: You learn how to carve flowers out of papaya, Bird out of watermelon animals and more.

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