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Dear  Esther,

I wanted to thank you for teaching me so much. After my third course I started selling cakes. You’re the best!


Dear Esther,

You’re the best teacher in the world. Thanks for being so patient. I had so much fun in your classes. I’m looking forward to going to more advanced classes.


Dear Esther,

I don’t know if I told you that I took classes some place else and didn’t learn anything, after the first course with you I started selling cakes from my home. Keep up your wonderful work!

Pamela S.

Dear Esther,

You made the most beautiful cake for my twins shower. Everybody thought the booties, bird and blanket were real and they couldn’t believe the cake tasted so good and the filling was out of this world.

Love, Sara

Dear Esther,

The carving you made for my sons party with my sons name carved on it was a hit! The way you hollowed it and put the candle in the center it was beautiful. When the lights were dim the watermelon was glowing. My son and the guests were amazed they wanted your # .

Thanks again,


Dear Esther,

I can’t even begin to tell you how everybody loved the platter .The centerpiece and the fruits were arranged so beautifully that I didn’t want to eat it to ruin the display. I could see you did it from your heart. The amount of time you spent with me explaining everything was greatly appreciated.

Thanks ,


Dear Esther,

The 3D cake you made for my daughter’s birthday was adorable. She didn’t let anybody cut and she wanted to save it forever. It was in the fridge for three weeks every day she’ll go to the fridge and visit Winnie the Pooh.  Until I finally made her cut it and we ate it.  I was amazed it was so good.


Winnie the Pooh lover


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